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Revolutionize Your E-Commerce Business with Live Shopping

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Are you tired of offering a mundane shopping experience on your e-commerce site? Are you looking for a way to stand out in the crowded online retail market? Look no further than live shopping.

What is live streaming shopping?

Live commerce, where e-commerce meets live streaming, is a new way of shopping online. It's also known as live shopping and with the rise of social media and video streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, it's only natural that live commerce would emerge to meet the needs of customers who want more than just an image on their screen but want to see products in action and interact with sellers.

Live shopping allows customers on your site or app (and even those watching from afar) to see items as they're being purchased - or even before they've been purchased! This means there's no need for them to wait until after checkout; instead, they can engage with the seller throughout their entire experience with the product.

With live commerce comes new opportunities for interaction between you and your customers: You can use real-time feedback during each sale so that future sales are more informed decisions based on previous experiences rather than guesswork at checkout time; if there are any issues after delivery has been made (which rarely happens), then this also gives us a chance to address these immediately without leaving anyone hanging over an unresolved issue which could lead into further problems down the road if left unresolved early enough.

Why do customers want live shopping?

Customers crave a more personalized shopping experience, where they can see products in action and engage with sellers in real-time. In contrast to traditional e-commerce, live shopping provides customers with an interactive and engaging platform to view products and ask questions. The personal connection created through live shopping can help build trust, increase engagement, and ultimately lead to more sales.

The stats don't lie - live streaming shopping is on the rise

Recent data shows that live streaming shopping can be a game-changer for online retailers. According to a report by Coresight Research, live shopping is estimated to be worth $60 billion by 2023. Furthermore, Alibaba's Taobao Live platform generated over $15 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2020 alone.


Implementing custom privacy settings on

Customers want to be confident in their purchases and require transparency from sellers. With live shopping, customers can zoom in on product details to check for any flaws before making a purchase. They may also want to keep their purchases private, particularly when buying personal items such as lingerie. That's why it's essential to provide customers with the ability to customize their privacy settings and ask sellers to show products from specific angles.

Live chat is the key of live shopping

A live chat feature during live shopping streams is critical. It allows customers to ask questions and get immediate responses from the seller. Live chat also provides an opportunity for sellers to build relationships with customers and address any issues that may arise during the live stream. According to a survey by HubSpot, customers who use live chat are 63% more likely to return to the site and make a purchase.

Develop your own live stream studio

Starting a live shopping stream is easy. All you need is a smartphone or a camera, and a laptop. However, creating a dedicated space for filming, a webcam or mount, and a microphone stand can improve the quality of your live stream. You can even use stream overlay tools to make your live shopping stream more engaging for your customers.

Stream Sage is here to help

If you're interested in adding live shopping to your e-commerce business but don't know where to start, Stream Sage can help. We offer a live shopping platform that seamlessly integrates with your website, making it easy for you to launch your live shopping experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help take your e-commerce business to the next level with live shopping.



Live shopping is the future of e-commerce. By incorporating this innovative technology into your online retail business, you can give your customers a personalized and engaging shopping experience. The numbers don't lie - live shopping is a lucrative industry, and it's time to get on board. With Stream Sage's expertise and technology, you can revolutionize your e-commerce business and boost your bottom line. Reach out at

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