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Improve Your Ecommerce Strategy with Live Shopping Best Practices

Improve your e-commerce strategy with live shopping best practices! Leverage the power of live selling, use visual content, and engage with your audience.

Live shopping is changing the way we shop, and it's the newest competitive advantage for ecommerce brands. The rise of live commerce has been fueled by social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes. Now more than ever, brands need to ensure that they're leveraging this power and doing so in a way that makes sense for their business model.

Why live shopping?

Live shopping is the next step in ecommerce. According to a report from Shopify, live video traffic has grown by an average of 200% each year since 2017. People are spending more time watching live content than ever before, and they love it!

Live shopping is different from traditional digital marketing because it allows you to create an authentic connection with your customers by showing them who you are as a brand or business owner. It's also interactive, which means that viewers can chat with each other while watching the broadcast and even ask questions directly through stream overlays. This makes for great engagement because viewers feel involved in what they're watching, which makes them want to come back again and again!


Choose the right live commerce platform for your brand

It's important to choose the right live commerce platform for your brand. You want one that is easy to use and will help you reach your goals, grow your business and revolutionize ecommerce strategy.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a live commerce platform:

  • Is the technology easy-to-use? Does it have an intuitive user interface? Can I get started right away without having to hire someone with extensive experience in technology or programming languages?

  • Does this platform have all the features I need now, but also give me room for growth as my business grows over time (and more importantly, does it have a plan in place for future development)?

  • How much support do they offer their customers/partners/advisors--and how quickly can they respond when something goes wrong or doesn't work properly?


Use stream overlay for better conversions

Stream overlays are popular on Twitch and other live streaming platforms. They can be used to add a layer of interactivity, allowing you to engage with your audience in real time. Stream overlays also help you show product information and pricing, which can help increase conversions. 

Prepare for live commerce success

  • Know your audience. The first step in creating a live commerce experience is to understand who you're talking to and what they want from the experience.

  • Prepare the content. Make sure you have all the information needed for a successful live stream--you'll want everything from product descriptions and pricing details to images of customer-submitted photos about their favorite products or brands.

  • Ensure that your platform is ready for traffic spikes during these events!

  • Create an editorial strategy for each event so viewers know what kind of content they'll be seeing when they tune into the broadcast (i.e., "this week we're focusing on accessories" or "we have some exciting announcements today").

Live streaming has become a key part of ecommerce marketing strategy.

It's not just about streaming your own products and events anymore, though; live streaming is also an excellent way to engage with your customers, educate them on new products or services, and inspire them with exciting new ideas.


Use visual content to sell

Use visual content to sell - make your content shoppable.

Visuals are a powerful tool for converting customers and increasing engagement, so use them to their full advantage. You have many options here: videos, photos and infographics are all great ways of providing helpful information in an engaging format that you can use on your website to promote your products. If you're looking for something more interactive than static images or videos, try live videos! Live video allows your audience members a chance to ask questions during the broadcast so they can get answers from experts directly in real-time.

Encourage customers to share live commerce

In order to spread the word about your live commerce, it's important that you encourage customers to share it with others.

  • Share live commerce on social media.

  • Share live commerce with friends and family in person or over email.

  • Post about it on forums where people are likely to be interested in your topic.

  • Prepare special benefits for customers who invite others to the live commerce experience.

You can also reach out directly through press releases or influencer outreach campaigns that promote the benefits of using live commerce platforms in their daily lives.

Make it Personal

You and your brand are the most important part of an ecommerce business, so show that to your audience. You can do this by using video or live streams on social media to tell your story, connect with customers and give them a reason to care about what you have to say.

Show Them What You've Got

You should be showing off your products, brand and personality. You also want to present your expertise and answer any questions that might come up during live streaming.

You can do this by:

  • Showing off your products in action (e.g., how they work)

  • Presenting them on stage or in front of the camera, so people can see how they look and feel in real life (you don't want customers buying something without knowing what it looks like first!)

Educate and Inspire Your Audience

When you're ready to tap into the power of live commerce, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that your audience knows about your brand and what you have to offer. This can be done by educating them about your products and services through videos or blogs that provide information on what makes each product unique. It's also important to inspire them with compelling content that encourages them to take action--whether that means buying something from your store or simply learning more about what it is like working at an ecommerce company like yours.

Second, use live streams as a way of providing product information (e.g., how do I use this product?) or customer service (e.g., How do I return my item?). These types of broadcasts are useful because they allow viewers who may not have time during normal business hours to access knowledge when it matters most: when they need help!


Live commerce is a powerful tool that can help your brand reach new heights. If you're looking for ways to revolutionize your ecommerce strategy, these live commerce best practices are a great place to start. If you have any questions about live streaming or want some help getting started, feel free to reach out at We can help you start a free live stream shopping experience within days!

Tell us your story, and let's see how we can serve you!


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